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Re: OUP CD-ROM license


what u seem to want to know is a classic case of a shrinkwrap license
agreement--it is immaterial whether u sign the agreement or not--if u have
taken off the plastic cover then u are bound by the terms of the license
agreement--regarding the issue of circulating it--please see on the
license agreement, there will probably be a clause for multiple licenses
so that the same CD can be installed on more than 1 computer/terminal



On Wed, 07 February 2001, Lynn Flanagan wrote:

> How do you folks treat a CD-ROM product which has a card in the box saying
> "If you accept the terms set out below then open the jewel case.  By so
> doing, you agree to be bound by such license terms."  Then the terms say
> we have the right to "load and store the Licensed Material on a single
> computer..."  The Oxford University Press product "Margaret Thatcher:
> Complete Public Statements 1945-1990 on CD-ROM" is the example.
> We bought the product with the intention of letting it circulate, but I do
> not believe we can.  Some staff think that since we do not have to
> actually sign the license agreement, it is acceptable to go ahead and put
> it in the circulating collection.  What are other institutions doing in
> such cases?
> Thanks
> Lynn