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Re: ILL & Licensing questions

To answer your question no.1;

We have added a note in our holdings record (we have Innopac online
system) with "YES ILL" or "NO ILL"  I pass this information on to our
Serials Manager when the license is set up & we actually have access - she
sets up a bib & holdings record with this info.  Makes it easy for our ILL
students to know whether they can lend articles or not.

Margo Warner Curl
Technical Services Librarian
The College of Wooster Libraries
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phone: 330/263-2154
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At 04:43 PM 2/1/01 -0500, you wrote:

>I'm new to this list and to the problem of license compliance, having
>recently moved from a very small institution, where we didn't even try to
>loan anything electronic, to a much larger institution, where I'm facing
>the problems of license compliance in interlibrary loan.  I'm researching
>the topic and would like to put three questions to this group, if I may.
>1. How do you handle compliance issues in interlibrary lending, when you
>have so many databases and individual subscriptions to deal with, all with
>slightly different licensing terms?  Do you keep a list of all the
>databases and journals next to the lending terminal?  Do you add a note to
>the cataloging record to indicate if lending is permitted? Do you do
>something more automated? Or are your people who sign licenses just very
>good about not signing anything that doesn't allow ILL?