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FW: Call for Papers

1-5 October 2001
TR3 Conference Centre
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organised jointly by the National and University Library, Ljubljana 
and the IFLA Office for International Lending
Call for Papers
The 7th Interlending and Document Supply International Conference
continues the tradition started in 1988. Each of the previous conferences
have attracted almost 200 delegates from 40 different countries. 
Co-operation with other players has always been crucial to effective
interlibrary loan and document supply. Traditional partners in resource
sharing have always been other libraries, and more recently, commercial
document suppliers.  Increasingly, however, the boundaries between
traditional interlibrary loan and commercial electronic access are
becoming less defined, and the work of the ILL department brings it into
contact with a range of other players: publishers, of course, but also
rights organisations, library consortia, and developers of technical
systems and services.  In other areas, the services offered by the ILL
department may overlap with those offered by archives, book distributors
or repository libraries.  As well as providing an update on emerging ILL
trends and challenges and taking a look at current practice, this
conference aims to look beyond traditional document suppliers to include
services offered by other resource providers.
Theme: Providing access through co-operation
The Programme Committee invites papers from all those engaged in the field
of interlibrary loan, document supply or related activities.
Possible topics may include:  
 *	Publisher licences & general co-operation with publishers
 *	ILL provision via licensed access to electronic journals
 *	Managing authors' rights and related copyright issues
 *	Consortial resource sharing
 *	Reference linking
 *	Balancing ILL services from print and electronic sources
 *	Links with archives and repository libraries
 *	Book distributors and redistribution agents
 *	Accessing documents published in developing countries
 *	Narrowing the information divide
 *	Standards and guidelines
 *	Statistics gathering - what is collected, to what purpose
 *	Performance measurement
 *	Unmediated document delivery
 *	Challenges to accessing material from specific countries
This list is not exhaustive and papers received on other related subjects
will be considered.
The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 16 February 2001
Abstracts may be submitted by fax, email or hard copy.
Abstracts and final papers must be written in English.
Proposals should include:
 *	Proposed title
 *	Abstract of 400 - 500 words
 *	Name of author/presenter
 *	Position or title of author/presenter
 *	Employer or affiliated institution
 *	Mailing address
 *	Telephone/fax numbers
 *	Email address
Acceptance of proposals will be notified by 31 March 2001
The conference papers will be published approximately 12 weeks after the
conference and all speakers will be asked to provide a full written paper
at the time of the conference. The published version of a paper may be
longer or more detailed than the version presented at the conference and
may include references and illustrations not used at the conference. The
final version will be edited from a linguistic and grammatical viewpoint
but not for content.
Proposals should be submitted to Pauline Connolly at
pauline.connolly@bl.uk or at the IFLA Office for International Lending,
c/o The British Library, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ,UK.
We regret that we are not able to provide financial support for paper
presenters to attend the conference.
We are exploring the possibility of running one or more half-day hands-on
workshops at the National and University Library IT Training Suite. The
Programme Committee will be pleased to consider proposals to run practical
sessions relating to document delivery services, ILL management systems
An exhibition will be held at the Conference Centre. Potential exhibitors
are invited to contact Pauline Connolly for further details.