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UCITA Teleconference

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ARL Announces . . .

UCITA:  A Guide to Understanding and Action

A Satellite Teleconference

December 13, 2000
1:00-4:00 p.m. EST

Sponsored by:
American Association of Law Libraries
American Library Association
Association of Research Libraries
Medical Library Association
Special Libraries Association

UCITA, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act, is a proposed
state law that seeks to create a unified approach to the licensing of
software and information.  Two states--Maryland and Virginia--have passed
UCITA, and it will be under consideration in many other states in the near
future.  Several aspects of UCITA pose problems for higher education and

* UCITA legitimizes a non-negotiable contract-based system of intellectual
property with no exemptions and fair use defenses for the research,
education, and library communities as provided for in federal copyright

* UCITA permits this same kind of contract to apply to mixed media
transactions where a book accompanied by a CD, for example, could be
governed by the same restrictions as placed on the CD.

* UCITA permits provisions that prohibit reverse engineering or the public
comment or criticism of a product.

* UCITA allows the licensor to electronically disable, remove, or prevent
the usage of computer information or software that resides on your system
creating significant security issues along with interrupting services and

* UCITA allows software firms to waive liability for known defects in
their software that they failed to disclose to their customers.

UCITA can directly impact the ability of libraries and educational
institutions to carry out their missions, to effectively manage their
operations, and to preserve and apply community values in their daily

With four panelists who were actively involved in the UCITA debates in
their states, this teleconference will help you learn more about UCITA and
what you can do to deal with it in your state!

Panelists for the teleconference are:

*   James Neal, Dean of University Libraries, Johns Hopkins University;
*   Rodney Petersen, Director, Policy & Planning, Office of Information
    Technology, University of Maryland;
*   Catherine Wojewodzki, Reference Librarian, University of Delaware, and
    former State Representative in the Delaware Legislature; and 
*   Sarah K. (Sally) Wiant, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law,
    Washington & Lee University

Details and registration information can be found at <www.arl.org/ucita.html>.


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