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Re: Nature Journals: User Name and Password (Super ID Access)

Sarah Stevens-Rayburn sends the following message:

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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:58:05 -0400
From: Sarah Stevens-Rayburn <library@stsci.edu>
Organization: Space Telescope Science Institute
To: liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu
Subject: Re: Nature Journals: User Name and Password (Super ID Access)

Well, I'm delighted to hear you're willing to offer discounts to individual 
institutions, because your site license rates have basically priced us out 
of the market.  We are a research organization run by a consortium of 
universities under contract with NASA.  We cannot join consortia because we 
can't have another entity negotiating prices for us.  We have an active 
group of ~100 astronomers, some of whom wish we had Science available 
electronically outside of the one workstation in the Library where they can 
access it.  But when I explain what we've been told it would cost to allow 
them desktop access, they're as appalled as I.  Online access to Science 
would be nice, but not at a factor of 10 or more of what we're currently 
paying for the paper and two workstations ($390).  So, what kind of discounts 
are you prepared to offer?

Sarah Stevens-Rayburn, Librarian        email:  library@stsci.edu
Space Telescope Science Institute       telephone:  410-338-4961
3700 San Martin Drive                   fax:  410-338-4949
Baltimore, MD  21218

Michael Spinella wrote:
> We do work with consortia and sometimes with individual institutions to
> offer discounts.