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CNSLP - RFP Phase I closes

I am pleased to update you on recent developments of the Canadian National
Site Licensing Project (CNSLP).

In August, CNSLP issued its first Request for Proposal to 23 pre-qualified
vendors for supply of scholarly electronic journals and databases,
primarily in the areas of engineering, health, science/technology and the
environment.  That RFP closed on Thursday September 14, 2000.

In all, proposals were received from 21 of the 23 vendors who had been
invited to respond during this phase.  Products under consideration are:

American Chemical Society Web Editions
Annual Reviews Online
Bioline International
Cambridge Journals Online
Evolutionary Ecology Research
IDEAL [Academic Press]
IEE Online Journals
IEEE/IEE Electronic Library and IEEE subset
Institute of Physics Journals
Journal of Biological Chemistry On-line
Kluwer Online
Portland Press Online Journals
Royal Society of Chemistry Electronic Journals
ScienceDirect [Elsevier Science]
Springer LINK
Synergy [Blackwell Science/Munksgaard]
Turpion E-Journals
Web of Science [ISI]
Wiley InterScience

The CNSLP Negotiations Resource Team now begins evaluation of the
proposals, with the goal of coming to consensus on what we hope will be a
large group of "successful" vendors who demonstrate they can satisfy
project requirements within the budget parameters.  The Team expects to
take recommendations for negotiations to the project Steering Committee

A Phase II RFP, focused primarily on secondary publications, is in
development and will be released this fall to another group of vendors who
were successful at the project's pre-qualification stage.

We look forward to sharing more information as this exciting project

Best regards,

Deb deBruijn
Executive Director/Directrice generrale
Canadian National Site Licensing Project
Projet canadien de licences de site nationales
Tel: (613) 562-5357
Fax:(613) 562-5195
Email: debruijn@uottawa.ca
Web: www.uottawa.ca/library/cnslp/