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Remote access

    Recently another local library inquired of our circulation department
about getting in institutional card for their use. Their intent was to use
it to access our databases remotely. (We use valid library card numbers as
a gateway to our remote access.)

    Luckily, this circulation person went through some channels and the
request was denied. However, we do allow corporate cards and now I am
concerned that others may be doing a similar thing and not being so open
about it.

    Frankly, our statistics aren't high enough for me to suspect any
serious abuse.

    In reviewing our licenses, I really only found one that expressly
forbid this type of institutional access. However, I can't help feeling
that it violates the intent of the license, if not the letter of the
license. If someone in an office environment wants to post their personal
card for the whole office to use, that is really something that we won't
be aware of. However, they would more than likely tend to be more loose
with a corporate card that is not attached to their person.

    Has anyone else dealt with similar subjects? Am I right to be
concerned, or just floored by the gall of those who are trying to get
"something for nothing?"

Jamie Watson
Electronic Resources Coordinator
Enoch Pratt Free Library
400 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201