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Re: Nature Journals: User Name and Password (Super ID Access)

John, what you say is _another_ real problem for us all, but in the case
of Nature the material being blocked is material commissioned for the
magazine in which they presumably hold the rights. And, indeed, they
release it in 3 months anyway, after it's no longer all that important. --

David Goodman
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John Cox wrote:
> I have no direct knowledge of Nature, and the reasons lying behind the
> terms of their latest license offering, but David Goodman's comments do
> highlight an issue that affects access to the full content of many
> magazines, including major titles that will be in many academic
> collections.  David's comments highlight the library perspective; but it
> vexes publishers just as much.
> The issue is authors' rights, and third party rights.  It has been the
> norm in magazine publishing to publish freelance journalists' articles on
> a one time use only basis.  The publisher can use the article in the
> magazine, but has no further rights in it - whether to syndicate the
> article, republish it in print, or use it electronically.  This is quite
> unlike the situation in academic journals, where copyright is assigned to
> the publisher, or the author grants a broad license for multiple uses in
> print and electronic media.  The problem is compounded by the widespread
> use of photographs from picture libraries on a one time use basis only.
> It is almost impossible for most magazine publishers to grant full text
> access to every item in any one title.  Most publishers are reviewing and
> renegotiating standard author and photograph license agreements, and are
> developing digital rights management systems that will allow e-commerce at
> the article or individual item level; but this takes time.  Meanwhile, the
> underlying rights in many magazines comprise a patchwork of mindblowing
> complexity.  And the publishers have to be exemplary copyright citizens
> (remember Ryan vs CARL, Tasini etc...)
> John Cox
> John Cox Associates
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