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Re: Are banner ads acceptable on licesnsed databases?

Librarians would mind very much if the ads are intrusive into screen
format, were constant pop-ups and did not help stabalize the 
content, indexing  and pricing of the database as print ads are 
supposed to in traditional publications.

What if the advetising becomes another hotlink to some  "product" or 
index the library does not subscribe to?  

What cumbersome tools taht would be.  Some indexing in pront had ads 
but this was major feature or pupose.  Index services  did not base 
procing onad revenues.

With consolidation of so many information services this is 
questionable for the scope of  index.  We will no doubt have to 
accept some ads as we are forced to accept intruction of ads in 
everything to from nursery on.  However, it would be a  great service 
to all infro seekers if a reasonable amount and focus were created 
and perhaps discussed by a broad spectrum of reasonable librarians 
who had the ear of the corporate  database providers whose main 
interest in economic usually while ours in the information and acces 
to it.

  From:          GenAnnual@aol.com 
To:            liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu Subject:       Are banner 
ads acceptable on licesnsed databases? Date:          Fri, 11 Aug 
2000 09:08:29 EDT


I need your opinion. An online database vendor has asked me if librarians
would accept or object to their placing banner ads, visible to library
patrons, on licensed databases hosted by their company?

What would be your reaction? Not care; accepting; would cancel the
subscription or?  I take it that they feel they could charge lower fees if
they had the additional revenue from the ads.

What's your feeling?

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