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Re: digest 417

We have access at UC Berkeley, but apparently did not have to go through
the click through license.  I can say that if had to approve the license
terms, Section 10 would not pass muster with Univ. of Calif. legal

Mike Rancer
UC Berkeley Library

>Recently, the Library of California Board allocated funds for the purchase
>of the RAND California database under the Library of California Statewide
>Information Database Licenses Program.  Access is free after a
>self-certification process.
>However, the terms of the free access
>(http://ca.rand.org/subscribe.libca.html) concern me.
>In particular, I find the Indemnity clause (Section 10) too broad. RAND
>has not been willing to accept a modified indemnity clause.
>My question:  have other California institutions taken advantage of the
>free access?  Did you accept the terms as offered, or were you able to
>Christa Easton
>Coordinator, Serials Group and
>Government Document Serials
>Stanford University Libraries
>Stanford, CA 94305-6004
>(650) 723-7907
>(650) 723-4775 (fax)