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Rand California terms

Recently, the Library of California Board allocated funds for the purchase
of the RAND California database under the Library of California Statewide
Information Database Licenses Program.  Access is free after a
self-certification process.

However, the terms of the free access
(http://ca.rand.org/subscribe.libca.html) concern me.  

In particular, I find the Indemnity clause (Section 10) too broad. RAND
has not been willing to accept a modified indemnity clause.

My question:  have other California institutions taken advantage of the
free access?  Did you accept the terms as offered, or were you able to


Christa Easton
Coordinator, Serials Group and
Government Document Serials
Stanford University Libraries
Stanford, CA 94305-6004
(650) 723-7907
(650) 723-4775 (fax)