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The following message was sent by Sally Morris at ALPSP, UK.

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Subject: Model licence for pharmaceutical companies
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 16:45:39 +0100

A small group of publishers and pharmaceutical librarians has been working
for a year on a model licence which addresses the special needs of those
companies (many, but not all, of their needs are common with other special
libraries).  At last the document is complete and it will shortly be
appearing on the ALPSP website (www.alpsp.org.uk) and also, I am sure, on
that of STM under whose auspices (with Pharma Dokumentation Ring, the
European pharma librarians group) the work was done.  We consulted widely
on both sides as the work progressed, and are pretty satisfied that
everyone's needs are accommodated;  we all learned a great deal about each
other's business, and remained good friends as well!  Yet another example
of what collaborative work on licensing can achieve.

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