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To the Yale Community (Napster)

Not exactly on the topic of licensing, but not unrelated.  FYI, Ann

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Forwarded with permission of our IT director, an FYI about the Napster
suit against Indiana, USC, and Yale.

So far in the media there have been only factual press accounts; no
features or interpretation.  News reports, mostly brief, can be found
in the sources listed below.    

o Metallica press release, <www.metallica.com>, Apr 13, 2000 
o Metallica Sues Napster, 3 Universities,, Billboard DailyMusicNews,
  Apr 13, 2000 
o Metallica rips Napster, Wired.com, Apr 13, 2000 
o Napster, universities sued by Metallica, CNET News, Apr 13, 2000 
o Metallica Gets Moral on Napster,, launch.com,, Apr 13, 2000 
o Metalheads sue Yale, Napster over Copyrights, Yale Daily News, Apr
  14, 2000 
o Metallica sues IU for use of Napster, the Indiana Digital Student,,
  Apr 14, 2000 
o Metallica sues Napster for copyright violation, Variety.com, Apr 14,
o Rockers accuse Napster, schools of copyright infringement,
  racketeering, CNN.com,, Apr 14, 2000 (from AP news wire)
o Metallica Sues Internet's Napster, Los Angeles Times' latimes.com,,
  April 14, 2000 (from Reuters) 
o Rockers accuse Napster, schools of copyright infringement and
  racketeering, San Jose Mercury News (sv.com), Apr 14, 2000
o Napster, Universities Sued by Metallica, Edupage, Apr 14, 2000 
o Metallica suit rocks Napster, San Francisco Chronicle, Apr 14, 2000 
o Napster Reacts to Metallica Lawsuit, Billboard DailyMusicNews,, Apr
  14, 2000 
o Heavy metal thunder: Metallica sues Yale over 'stolen' tunes, New
  Haven Register, Apr 15, 2000 
o Metallica Files Suit Against Napster, New York Times, Apr 15, 2000 
  Stealing their thunder, The Boston Globe's boston.com, Apr 15, 2000 

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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 20:27:26 -0400
From: Daniel Updegrove <daniel.updegrove@yale.edu>
Subject: To the Yale Community

To the members of the Yale community,

As you may have read, a lawsuit has been filed by the rock band, 
Metallica, against the music file-trading software site, Napster, 
Inc., and several universities, including Yale. In its lawsuit, 
Metallica makes claims of copyright infringement.

The University is strongly committed to protecting intellectual 
property. In February we specifically alerted our residential college 
community to the requirements of Federal copyright law as they apply 
to individual use of Napster. See 

The University condemns violation of copyright laws, as our policies 
and procedures clearly state. We also want to assist students and 
others in understanding and complying with the requirements of those 
laws. For information on University policies and procedures related 
to this issue, see  <http://www.yale.edu/policy/itaup.html> and 

Until we can clarify the legal issues surrounding Napster, access to 
napster.com will not be available from the Yale network. We will keep 
you apprised of developments.

Dorothy K. Robinson			Daniel A. Updegrove
Vice President and General Counsel	University Director, 
Information Technology Services

University Director, Information Technology Services, Yale University
175 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06520
(203) 432-3262; fax (432-3330); http://pantheon.yale.edu/~danu/
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