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Asking MARC formats of the Electronic Journals from Information Providers!

Mei-Yuh Shih of the CONCERT Consortium in Taiwan sends the following

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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 16:02:00 +0800
From: Mei-Yuh Shih <mei@mail.stic.gov.tw>
Subject: Asking MARC formats of the Electronic Journals from Information 

Dear Colleagues

Following is a request that needs your comments and opinions:

In Taiwan, the name of our consortium is called CONCERT (CONsortium on
Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan).  CONCERT was formed in September
1998; so far, we have achieved quite good accomplishments.  We have
subscribed to 12 systems with 61 databases available.  Members are mainly
from national as well as private universities, colleges and junior

In order to promote the use of the electronic resources, one of local
national universities asked us to get the journal bibliographic data of
MARC formats of each electronic journals or proceedings from the
information providers.  The university would add the MARC formats to their
OPAC system, treating these journals as their collections.  Also, they
would put in their 856 field the URL site of each journal, so that user
can immediately click and browse the journal.

This is a value-added service.  We want to check with you all and see if
you have had similar requests from your users, if you have asked any of
the information providers of this service.  We also would like to know if
you have encountered any problems with any of your information providers
with this request.

Please let us know of your comments and share with us your experiences.

Sincerely yours,

Mei-yuh Shih