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Re: Online services to contiguous research parks

If the Arizona students and faculty are using these resources as students
and faculty, I would be comfortable with the proposed solution.  If they
are using these resources as employees, I wouldn't.  

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> Steve Bosch of the University of Arizona sends the following message:
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> Subject: RE: Online services to contiguous research parts
> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 08:51:40 -0700
> One approach used by the University of Arizona is to establish a satellite
> branch library at the research park that provides full library services,
> but only within the walls of the Library. Since we regularly add to all
> licenses clauses that allow walk-in use, anyone from the research park can
> use the resources in the branch library. We discovered that to add desktop
> access for the "for profit" corporations was extremely expensive. We
> wouldn't pick up the costs and the companies didn't want to pay for the
> services either.
> Since many UA faculty and students have labs/offices at the park it is
> reasonable for services to be extended to the area. Extending full access
> outside the walls of the branch is a completely different matter, and will
> require new licenses, and a lot more money. The university officials
> responsible for developing our park at first thought that library services
> would be a great added value in leasing space. When told what the costs
> would be they quickly backed off from the idea.