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Followup: Elsevier e-journals - bye bye IP access ; hellousername password :(

Since a few people were curious what we were deciding, I am sending this
quick note to follow up on the actions we have taken so far as a result of
the Elsevier ejournals access change.

1 - We have signed up for access to the Science Direct - Web Editions, and
added a link to it on our databases page.

2 - We have decided not to subscribe to the Science Direct service.

3 - We have removed all listings of (and links to) affected individual
e-journal titles from our web server's ejournals listings (removed 107 - I
had not finished adding the rest) since the coverage is only a rolling 9

4 - We are in the process of redirecting the 856 links for these and other
affected titles in our library catalog to point to the general opening
screen of Science Direct - Web Editions, with a note that only the most
recent 9 months are present there.

Basically, the service has changed from e-journal full-text access serving
multiple purposes to a more strictly current awareness service.

- - - - -
Edward F Spodick, Systems Librarian - lbspodic@ust.hk
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
tel:  852-2358-6743     fax:  852-2358-1043