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Free online access to 'Regular and Chaotic Dynamics'

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Dear Colleagues

I am happy to announce a new Turpion offer: FREE access to the journal
'Regular and Chaotic Dynamics'. You do not need to be a subscriber to the
journal to register for online access to the full text of all articles,
including volumes going back to 1998.

The online registration forms for institutions and individuals are
available at: http://www.turpion.com/rform_rcd.html

Please share this info with librarians, researchers, users, journal
directories, and others interested.


'Regular and Chaotic Dynamics' (ISSN Print: 1560-3547; ISSN Online:
1468-4845) is a quarterly peer-reviewed international scientific journal
published in English. The journal was founded in 1996 by the Moscow State
University, Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education, and Udmurt
State University. Then in 1999 the Department of Mathematics of the Russian
Academy of Sciences became a cofounder of the journal. Starting from the
first issue of 2000 the journal is published jointly by Turpion Ltd, and
the Department of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The
journal publishes only original research results in the analysis of regular
and stochastic behaviour in determined dynamic systems that arise in
classical mechanics, physics and other areas.

AUDIENCE: Students, Postgraduate students, Research fellows, Post-doctoral
workers, Lectures and researchers across the modern applications of
mathematics in mechanics, physics and other areas.

INDEXED IN: Institute of Scientific Information, 'Mathematical Reviews',
Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.

Please visit the site www.turpion.com to obtain more information about the

Your comments are very appreciated.

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