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Licenses and security : synthesis

I had only one reply to my query about the systems or software used to
ensure security for campus-wide or remote electronic access on
lib-licence, and 2 on a french list. This message is a sum-up of the
replies for those interested. I'm still curious about other experiences.

It seems that the only solution is to couple the access with an
authentification based on a patron database (the technical solutions vary
: CGI script, special software...).


The most common source of authentication with our vendors is by IP address. 
We run Innovative Interfaces Inc. software for our library OPAC (innopac) 
which has a proxy server module. This proxy is hooked into our patron 
database automatically, and asks a remote user for their name and social 
security number whenever someone asks for a restricted database. In order 
to have the proxy screen come up on their browser at home, they must have it 
set up for an automatic proxy to our proxy server, for which we have 
instructions on our web site.

This is web-based access only. Telnet connections are very few and 
those I do by hand with a user name and password to the unix machine that 
runs our Ovid databases, for instance.

Innovative makes a complete set of Web statistics that we can access 
with a browser, though I have no way of really adjusting them except by 
exporting them to some other tools.

We use Win95 machines for public access, and have Netscape in Super 
Kiosk mode. TweakUI lets us keep almost everything else off the desktop, 
and we set Netscape to proxy to a non-existent server, except for our own 
library innopac catalog. All free and easy to do. I can find another email 
with more detail about how to do this if you wish.
Hope This Helps, 

Ian Richmond

Cecile Pierre
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