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Re: licensing and lawyers

Am I missing something?  The fines were for pirating software.  Pam
Matthews' comment was regarding the lack of need for lawyers to look at
every agreement.  

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On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 Adele_Bane-1@sbphrd.com wrote:

> I'm compelled to respond to the posting by Pam Matthews which stated in
> part:
> "our Finance and Administration officers are now noticing that lawyers'
> time doesn't come cheap and are thinking about not having any agreements
> reviewed by counsel.  They don't seem to think they'll get sued -- after
> all, no one has yet, right?"
> I would suggest you refer them to this recent Philadelphia Inquirer article:
>      Unlicensed-software claim is costly to Temple
>      Philadelphia Inquirer, March 3, 2000, C1-2
>      According to the Inquirer, Temple University has agreed to pay
> $100,000 to settle claims that unlicensed software had been installed on
> campus computers.  Temple is not admitting to copyright infringement, but
> is paying "to avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation."
>      The claim against Temple was brought forward by the Business Software
> Alliance, a nonprofit organization that polices software licensing and
> piracy, based on a tip on it's antipiracy hot line.  According to an
> Alliance spokesperson, Temple is not alone receiving such fines.  Other
> educational institutions to pay these settlements include:
>           -Berks Technical Institute:              $102,500 in April, 1998
>           -Los Angeles Unified School District:    $300,000
> In our corporate environment, we routinely have a lawyer review database
> and ejournal contracts to verify, among other things, the "permitted uses"
> of the content.  The digital environment has increased the protectionist
> feelings of content providers, and we are being safe as opposed to the
> alternative.
> Good luck with your campaign.  You are totally justified in your concerns.
> Adele Bane, Senior Librarian
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