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e-biomed: the journal of regenerative medicine, online only journal launches with 8 papers free to view

For Immediate Release

Contact: Christopher Dauer (914) 834-3100, ext. 613; cdauer@liebertpub.com

e-biomed: the journal of regenerative medicine
                    Launches, Exclusively Online			

March 7, 2000 Larchmont, NY - A new peer-reviewed electronic journal
entitled e-biomed: the journal of regenerative medicine has been
published, focusing on a unique approach to healing-the regeneration of
organs, tissues, and cells.  To facilitate advances in this exciting new
field, "papers will be published electronically, immediately upon
acceptance," said Mary Ann Liebert, president of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
(www.liebertpub.com <http://www.bioconferences.com> .)  Connect to
www.liebertpub.com/reg <http://www.liebertpub.com/reg> to view, at no
cost, the first 8 papers.

"The implications of renewing body tissues with the help of natural
signals that control its growth are enormous," said the Journal's
editor-in-chief, William A. Haseltine, Ph.D., who has coined the term
"regenerative medicine" to signify this promising area of research
endeavor.  "As we understand the body's repair process at the genetic
level," Dr. Haseltine said, "we will be able to advance the goal of
maintaining our bodies in normal function, perhaps perpetually."  Dr.
Haseltine is the Chairman and CEO of Human Genome Sciences, a Maryland
biotechnology company (NASDAQ: HGSI).

The Journal has an outstanding and diverse editorial board of 100 leaders
in different disciplines, including Robert Langer, W. French Anderson,
Jeffrey Isner, R. Michael Blaese, Judith Campisi, and Gary Nabel.

The inaugural issue includes papers on Tissue Engineering: Status and
Challenges; Transplantation Therapies from Human Embryonic Stem
Cell-Circumventing Immune Rejection; and Regenerative Biology of Hearing:
Taking the Breaks Off the Cell Cycle Engine.

The manuscript submission and peer-review process of the Journal is
strictly electronic, with papers available on-line to subscribers within
three weeks of acceptance.  Enrollees in Liebert Alert, the free table of
contents alerting service, will automatically be sent an e-mail
notification that a new article has been published.  The on-line Journal
is available in a variety of formats, including PDF, for use with Adobe
Reader.  Papers are fully searchable by key word or phrase, plain text,
abstract only, etc.  The reference citations are hyperlinked to external
bibliographic resources on the Internet such as Medline, Cambridge
Scientific Abstracts, and IFI's Web of Science.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is an independent publisher of cutting-edge
biomedical journals, books and newsletters, with leading publications
including Genetic Engineering News, Human Gene Therapy, Cloning, Microbial
& Comparative Genomics, Tissue Engineering, and many more.

For more information or to subscribe to e-biomed, visit
www.liebertpub.com/reg <http://www.liebertpub.com/reg>