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Elsevier web journals

		Elsevier Science has many products that it makes available
on the Web.  Recently there has been some discussion on this list about a
change in access control to one product group.  We would like to provide
what I hope will be clarifying information.

		The product group in question is a relatively limited
number of our titles in a limited number of disciplines that, in addition
to being available through ScienceDirect (SD) and ScienceDirect Web
Editions (SDWE), are also offered via their own Web sites with certain
enhanced features. These journal Web sites were actually some of our
earliest Web offerings and have certain features that we wish to continue
and have not yet migrated into SD or SDWE.

		Indeed, the current access control system for this
"enhanced" version of these titles (so called "electronic access") will
move to a username and password based system. We felt this to be necessary
since their current system can no longer cope with the huge demand for
access from IP ranges that cannot be verified as belonging to an
institute. In addition, the rate of sign-up for these titles is so high
that new IP's cannot be verified quickly enough. We felt that one time
registration was a better solution than, for instance, housekeeping the IP
addresses, which would undoubtedly lead to ranges being denied access.  
We will deny no one who already has access, but ask them to identify
themselves.  This information will be stored in the U.K. and we are bound
by the UK's strict privacy laws. We ask for a bare minimum of information
(e.g., name, e-mail, country) from each user and unless they agree we
undertake not to communicate anything but issues related directly to their
registration.  Registration is only required once and users can set their
own IDs and passwords.

		This decision does not affect any of the Science Direct
products, which continue to be available with IP access.  It affects only
the enhanced versions of a small number of journals in physics, mathematics,
computer science and economics.

		Indeed, IP access control remains central to our policy.
Almost all of our journals across all disciplines are available now as
Science Direct Web Editions. When a library registers for the Web Editions
(please contact customer support) we will use these details to activate both
Web Editions and the enhanced versions of the titles mentioned above. 

	We are working hard to re-introduce IP-based access control to
these enhanced versions for those libraries that require it; we hope to be
able to make this available again in April 2000.  We apologize for any
inconvenience or confusion this change has caused.

	Karen Hunter
	Senior Vice President
	Elsevier Science