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Re: Sence of Worth

Is it possible to have a translation?

> To put piracy into some prespective, look to the developments of the
> 'umble audio compact cassette. You know those plastic cases which disgorge
> themselves into your car's tape player just as you were getting
> comfortable at the start of that four day drive, eager to get that 'eyes
> on the road, hands on the wheel' feel...
> Well, the story goes that at the last (circa late 1960's) standards
> meeting to ratify the feature-set of the audio compact casette format all
> stakeholder were invitied to participate. These same organisations had
> been involved for some time in thrashing out the technical problems, so
> they all knew about it. This included the likes of the manufactures,
> radio, tv and music industry reps as this technology was going to have
> significant impact, especially for the release and subsequent commercial
> exploitation of prerecorded material - the first alternative to needing a
> record player to hear music when you wanted to.
> A brand new revenue stream for a stagnant sector - yahoo the suits
> screamed, a new world of vertical integration and control! And 'oh yeah,
> the artists also got to feed from this stream as well, not much just a
> drip or two...
> At the meeting the issue of what should be allowed in the hardware
> specification included the provision of a 'record' function, rather than
> just a playback only capability, which is what the music industry thought
> they had secured. One would naturally expect those with the greatest
> vestment of interest would work like stink to limit things, they had and
> were smug.
> As a result the music industry couldn't be bothered to turn up at the last
> ratifcation session! So history clearly shows that the root of the piracy
> evil was in fact put in place by the music industry's malicious neglect of
> their own greedy credo which today we now the ramifications of, some
> thirty years down the track...
> So when I hear the bleats from the major players in the music and film
> business carrying on about 'their' rights and protection being promoted by
> a sus cartel of cigar chomping suits, don't have too much sympathy for
> them. It's their own interests they serve - no one else (ok, maybe the
> shareholders, but not the artists) and in publishing they appear to be
> more conservative, but don't let that fool you into thinking they actually
> care.
> Think about it. Change words music and film for the word publisher.
> And as Chuck said..."This is not just about copyright, but about the
> future of technology, and of technological capabilities and of course of
> limiting future revenue streams to current perceptions of how to be
> profitable...Corporate owners of copyrighted material don't have a
> particularly 'good' sense of what is even in their own best interests".
> Moral of this little story is that to be stupid enough to leave the stable
> door open, don't expect the colt from old Regret to be hanging around the
> next morning... it will be off to join them wild bush horses.
> Bede Ireland