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Two consortial licensing articles, FYI

February saw the publication of two well-written, important survey
articles about library consortia and licensing.  Check them out.
Discussion welcome.  Ann Okerson


1.  Norman Oder, "Consortia Hit Critical Mass," Library Journal, February
1, 2000, pp. 48-51.

2.  Ron Feemster, "When Libraries Faced the Future," University Business,
February 2000, pp. 25-29.  Web version available at:

3.  See also Editor-in-Chief (University Business & also Lingua Franca)
Jeffrey Kittay's editorial in the same issue of UB, "What Went Right?"
This one is about how libraries "get it."

These are good basic articles for sharing with administrators and
others who are intersted in one way in which libraries are changing.