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IFLA: Seeking Licensing Discussion Leaders

To readers of the liblicense-l list:

Are any of you librarians leading efforts in national site licensing?  
Are you planning to attend the 66th IFLA Conference in Jerusalem, Israel,
13-18 August 2000?

If so, the IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing could use your participation
and help.  Our group will meet for about 1.5 hours on either the Sunday or
Monday of the IFLA conference.  Our focal topic will be national site
licensing, and we would like to have 3-5 of you speak for 5-10 minutes,
after which we will open up the floor for discussion, interaction,
questions of you.  Preference will be given to licensing being done by
countries in the Near East and in non-English speaking countries (though
you should give your brief talk in English).  Of course if you are in an
English speaking country, volunteer anyhow.  An interesting array of
speakers and types of national licenses and consortia is what we're after.

If interested, please send me e-mail (not to this list):

Ann Okerson, Yale University