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Re: Library consortia and e-resource vendors/publishers

Dear Bernie Sloan,

The most difficult thing is to understand what you do not understand

I would very appreciate if you let me know your comments and some contacts
to negotiate the Consortium Licence Agreement for our e-resource. Our
agreement is based on the standard STM/PDR model (update 30/8/99). I am
happy to email it at the request.

The Publisher is Turpion Ltd (http://www.turpion.org): we produce
high-quality English translations of leading journals of the Russian
Academy of Sciences in mathematics, physics and chemistry on paper and
online as well.

I think it would be much easier if I list the main principles of the deal:

(a) the agreement is valid for three subscriptions years, say 2000-2002;
(b) the package of online journals includes all 8 titles, or we may
consider some options (physics, mathematics, chemistry);
(c) the libraries of the Consortium will access all the online journals of
the package/an option with unlimited number of end-users (specified IP
addresses) who are affiliated with a member of the Consortium;
(d) the consortium price is 15-20% of the total print subscriptions' price
(in prices of 2000) per Member of the Consortium (it depends on how many
libraries participate in the consortium) to cover access to the package of
electronic journals from all sites in the
Consortium - whether they subscribe to the print journals or not.
This formula is valid during the terms of the Agreement (2000-2002).
Turpion will not change the prices of the journals for the Consortium
during the contractual period (3 years).

We think a consortium deal should benefit both parties as follows:
The Library gets:
- no annual price rises;
- access for all authorised users in the Consortium to all electronic
journals independent of the print subscriptions that those libraries may or
may not take;
- a guaranteed perpetual access to the back volumes;
- a guaranteed level of expenditure for the period of the deal.

The Publisher gets:
- a stable subscriptions' base for online journals;
- a premium payment for provision of electronic versions to all members of
the consortium;
- a more-or-less guaranteed level of revenue for the period of the deal.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


Lev Malov
Manager, Administration and Marketing Services
Turpion-Moscow Ltd
47 Leninsky pr.
Moscow 117913

Tel: +7 095 135 6417
Fax: +7 095 135 8860
E-mail: malov@ioc.ac.ru
Moscow:  http://turpion.ioc.ac.ru
USA:  http://www.turpion.org

> From: Sloan, Bernie <bernies@uillinois.edu>
> To: 'liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu'
> Subject: Library consortia and e-resource vendors/publishers
> Date: 14 January 2000 23:38
> I've been involved with library consortia for about 25 years. For the
> 10 years I've been involved with selecting and purchasing electronic
> resources for library consortia.
> >From my experience, e-resource vendors and publishers understand
> better than they did ten years ago. But I have the impression that there
> still a fair amount that vendors and publishers don't understand about
> consortia. I don't necessarily mean that as a negative comment about
> vendors/publishers. Consortia can be difficult to understand if you have
> direct experience in that area.
> I'm doing some research into the relationships between consortia and
> vendors/publishers, and I'd like to get some input from practitioners:
> 1. If you're affiliated with an e-resource vendor or publisher, are there
> things you'd like to understand better about consortia?
> 2. If you're affiliated with a library consortium, are there things that
> wish publishers/vendors understood better about consortia?
> Thanks!
> Bernie Sloan
> Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
> University of Illinois Office for Planning and Budgeting
> 338 Henry Administration Building
> 506 S. Wright Street
> Urbana, IL  61801
> Phone:  (217) 333-4895
> Fax:      (217) 333-6355
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