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Re: Elsevier and cancellations


I think your point is exactly right. Libraries do not have any more money.
If we get away from journal based subscriptions and on to article based
databases, then our patrons can read exactly what they want, not just what
we selected for them in advance. Hopefully the costs will be about the
same or less. If we depart from the jounral based system we can reduce
infrastructure costs like binding, check in, shelving cost, reshelving
costs etc. We can convert these infrastructure costs to added purchase of
articles. We subscribed to Science Directs for these exact reasons. We
feel the PEAK trial proved this point for us.

Paul Gherman
University Librarian
Vanderbilt University

" Libraries don't have any more money now than in 
the past but we can spend it differently.  That is my 
argument.  tony"


"Hamaker, Chuck" wrote:

> I don't think that is the argument I was making Tony, the argument is good
> journals will out, even in the online environment. When you go look at
> what people used, it tends to be key journals in fields they weren't
> necessarily going to have you buy in the print environment..  the
> collateral usage is of the good stuff, not of the less important journals
> (even if we didn't know the field, that's what people tend to use)
> Chuck