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Re: proxy servers and site agreements

Hi Paul,

We (DePaul University) are also a multi-campus institution under one
academic administration, with 6 campuses in the metro Chicago area plus
several off-site programs.  I always make sure that remote access is added
to our licenses, because it is important that students and faculty have
access to electronic resources from home or offices off campus, and
through the proxy server.  Some vendors insist on our paying additional
fees for the multiple campus sites, but most do not balk at adding remote
access, since they are aware that it is the same body of users, whether
they are on campus or at home.  Only DePaul people have access through our
IP range.  Also, since we are under one administration, many vendors
consider us one site as one institution.  These vendors usually charge by
size of the institution.  Of course, there are a few hold out vendors
which insist on on-campus access only.  As a rule, we tell them we cannot
do business that way and do not buy their product.  We tell them they need
to re-think how they are doing this because higher education has moved
beyond the traditional single-campus.

Linda Morrissett
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>>> Paul Reynolds <Paul.Reynolds@utas.edu.au> 08/03/99 07:02PM >>>
Hi All,

We are a multi-campus institution with a proxy server physically located
at one of these campuses.  As all outgoing traffic goes through the proxy
server, users arrive at a web site wearing the IP address associated with
the site of the proxy server rather than the actual site or campus of the
end-user.  This configuration means that we cannot comply with site
licenses that restrict access to just one location.

Does anyone else have a similar proxy server configuration and if so, how
do you manage to comply with single-site license agreements?

Paul Reynolds
Acquisitions Librarian

University of Tasmania Library 	       Ph: +61 3 62262207
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