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Re: Publisher Proxy Deposit Is A Potential Trojan Horse

>  [Similar considerations, but on a much lesser scale, militate
>  against the strategy of universities out-sourcing the creation
>  and management of their IRs and self-archiving policies to
>  external contractors: accounting, archiving, record-keeping and
>  asset management should surely be kept under direct local control
>  by universities. There's nothing so complicated or daunting about
>  self-archiving and IRs as to require resorting to an external
>  service. (More tentatively, I am also sceptical that library
>  proxy self-archiving rather than direct author self-archiving is
>  a wise choice in the long run -- though it is definitely a useful
>  option as a start-up supplement, if coupled with a mandate, and
>  has been successfully implemented in several cases, including QUT
>  and CERN.)]

Similar considerations militate against the strategy of scholars 
and scientists out-sourcing the operating system of their servers 
to Microsoft, Apple, or Linux, and against the strategy of 
out-sourcing server construction and chip design to Sun and 
Intel.  Clearly the preferred solution is for us all to begin 
shaking the sand out from between our ears and compacting that 
into silicon from which to make our own superior home-crafted 
microprocessors.  Direct author self-archiving is a wise choice 
in the long run.

Jim O'Donnell