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Berkshire Pub. Ref. titles avail. through Exact Editions

Of potential interest to readers of this list; from the Exact 
Editions press  release:

London, 17th March 2008:  Berkshire Publishing today announced 
that it is selling its books in a digital format using the Exact 
Editions web platform for delivery. A number of titles are now 
available at


There are a couple of points about this method of distribution 
which may interest the list:

(1) The books are completely searchable, and are also browseable 
throughout. However the 'browse-resolution', being limited to a 
2-page view, at less than full zoom, is not adequate for proper 
reading -- its more of a quick glimpse view of the content. The 
idea being that the books should be licensed if they are to be 
fully used (eg in a studying/learning context). The extensive and 
liberal scope for searching is a promotional strategy.

(2) The prices are set by the publisher and support single user 
license or institutional licenses (unlimited usage for a year in 
each case).

The Exact Editions platform allows the publisher to choose 
his/her preferred sampling strategy and Berkshire Publishing have 
elected for an open form of sampling which allows for a high 
degree of searchability and viewability. Some publishers may opt 
for a more restrictive approach to sampling.

Here is a direct link to one of the titles

The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports:


Adam Hodgkin