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American Statistical Association Selects Atypon Systems

The news below detailing the announcement of Atypon and the 
American Statistical Association to work together on the delivery 
of online Journal hosting services may be of interest to 
liblicense readers.

Warmest regards,

Nash Pal

Strategic Marketing Manager

Atypon Systems, Inc.


American Statistical Association Selects Atypon Systems, Inc. for 
Online Journal Hosting and Delivery Services

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia and SANTA CLARA, California, March 12, 2008- 
American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation's preeminent 
professional statistical society, has entered into an agreement 
with Atypon Systems, Inc., a leading e-publishing solutions 
provider, for the development of a platform for online journal 
hosting and delivery services.

Better branding, better technology, and better customer service 
were key drivers for the ASA's decision to upgrade its online 
presence. ASA chose Atypon as their e-publishing technology 
partner because Atypon is able to deliver to all these objectives 
currently as well as demonstrate a continued commitment for the 

In addition to Atypon's superior technology platform, the ASA 
will also draw on Atypon's vast experience with XML as the 
association moves to provide all of its articles as full- text 
HTML. The numerous statistical equations in the content of the 
ASA journals add complexity to this delivery format. The ASA will 
take full advantage of Atypon's support for standards such as the 
NLM DTD, MathML, and STIX Fonts.

Chris Beckett, VP of Sales and Marketing of Atypon Systems, 
commented:   "We are delighted to have signed an agreement with 
the American Statistical Association. Publishers recognize that 
the Internet has revolutionized how readers approach content, and 
that their online presence is now so critical to their business 
that it needs to be something they can control directly 
themselves. Atypon's e-publishing expertise, our administrative 
tools and ability to handle complex statistics were important 
factors in the ASA's decision to select Atypon as their vendor. 
We look forward to working with one of the longest established 
and most prestigious professional organizations in the USA, and 
helping them to maintain their position as a world leader in 
statistical publishing."

"The journals of the ASA play a central role in our mission to be 
a world leader in advancing the statistics profession," said 
Ronald Wasserstein, ASA Executive Director. "The ASA journals are 
among the flagship journals of our discipline, and through this 
partnership with Atypon we will continue to be leaders as we 
bring our journals fully into the digital era."

About the American Statistical Association The American 
Statistical Association (ASA), a scientific and educational 
society founded in Boston in 1839, is the second oldest 
continuously operating professional society in the United States. 
For 168 years, ASA has been providing its membership (currently 
18,000) serving in academia, government, and industry and the 
public with up-to-date, useful information about statistics. The 
ASA has a proud tradition of service to statisticians, 
quantitative scientists, and users of statistics across a wealth 
of academic areas and applications. For additional information 
about the American Statistical Association, please visit the 
association's web site at <http://www.amstat.org> 
http://www.amstat.org or call 703.684.1221.

About Atypon Systems, Inc. Since 1996, Atypon Systems, Inc. has 
provided software, hosting, and systems development to the 
information industry, allowing publishers to grow their business 
by providing superior technology and service that supports the 
electronic exchange of scholarly information. Atypon's solutions 
include Atypon Premium, a complete e-publishing solution for 
publishers who wish to manage the entire process of delivering 
and managing their content online, and Atypon Link, a cost 
effective, aggregated hosting platform for publishers who require 
a well managed, outsourced e-publishing service. For further 
information please visit  <http://www.atypon.com> 

For further information, please contact:
Lisa M. Hisel
Journals Manager
American Statistical Association
Phone: 703-684-1221 ext. 1852
E-mail:  lisa@amstat.org

Nash Pal
Strategic Marketing Manager
Atypon Systems
Phone: +44 (0) 870 350 2032
E-mail:  npal@atypon.com