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Re: open access textbooks? Yes, there are!

That's terrific! My only question is: how do you cover your overhead costs, which are usually about 70% of the expense of publishing a book?

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

Dear All,

several small-scale european university from the third wave (founded with or after the event of the internet, with a strong focus on electronic publishing and Open Access) publish text books and put them online free of charge and without cash-flow revenue for authors. One of our authors who wrote on the economy of information receives from time to time free copies because we do sell his book fairly well despite the free online version. Other authors sell printed copies to their students to cover the print-run cost, the university press serves the "long-tail" orders from bookshop via print-on-demand without costs/revenues for authors/editors.

For us in the Goettingen University Press we observe as followed: authors who know for whom they write their textbooks (namely for their own students) are more likely to share them Open Access as they see it as a fundamental part of their teaching activity.

Margo Bargheer
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