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Ejournals and ILL

Recently there have been several questions posted to this 
listserv regarding Interlibrary Loan permitted use by publishers. 
One of the examples in the original message comes from a slightly 
outdated version of the Elsevier agreement.  ("The Subscriber may 
print and deliver Excerpts to fulfill requests as part of the 
practice commonly known as 'interlibrary loan' from 
non-commercial libraries located within the same country as the 

Let me try to answer the question that was raised as to what is 

A print copy can be made from the electronic (or print) version 
of a journal article or book chapter and then that copy can be 
mailed, faxed or scanned into Ariel (or a similar system) as 
means of delivery to the borrowing library.  What is not 
permitted is to download the electronic version and send it 
without printing.  Policy information can be found at:


Daviess Menefee
Library Relations