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Journal of Electronic Publishing

There is a new issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing (Michigan) available at http://journalofelectronicpublishing.org. A number of articles that are likely to be of interest to members of this list. In particular see Donald Waters, "Open Access Publishing and the Emerging Infrastructure for 21st-Century Scholarship." An excerpt:

"It is all too easy to focus on the trendy, glitzy, heart-pounding rhetoric about the initial step of making materials freely available, especially those materials that "your tax dollars helped make possible," and to trust that only good consequences will follow downstream. It is much harder to focus strategically on the full life cycle of scholarly communications and ask hard questions such as: open access for what and for whom and how can we ensure that there is sufficient capital for continued innovation in scholarly publishing? One worry about mandates for open access publishing is that they will deprive smaller publishers of much needed subscription income, pushing them into further decline, and making it difficult for them to invest in ways to help scholars select, edit, market, evaluate, and sustain the new products of scholarship represented in digital resources and databases. The bigger worry, which is hardly recognized and much less discussed in open access circles, is that sophisticated publishers are increasingly seeing that the availability of material in open access form gives them important new business opportunities that may ultimately provide a competitive advantage by which they can restrict access, limit competition, and raise prices."

Joe Esposito