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Berg Publishers' journal collections available via NESLI2

Oxford, UK, 11th February 2008

Berg Publishers <http://www.bergpublishers.com/> and JISC 
Collections <http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/> are pleased to 
announce that they have successfully entered into an agreement to 
provide Berg journals to the UK Academic community under the new 
NESLi2 SMP <http://www.nesli2.ac.uk/nesli2smp.htm> offering.

As one of the first publishers to sign up to the NESLi2 SMP deal, 
Berg has provided a number of offers to UK institutions which 
will suit the wide variety of needs in the academic communities 
it serves.  Berg's list of visual and material culture journals 
are truly interdisciplinary and offer the very best of research 
across cultural and media studies, sociology, anthropology, 
history and human geography.

Kathryn Earle, Managing Director of Berg, said: "We are delighted 
that JISC Collections have provided smaller publishers such as 
Berg with the opportunity to join the NESLi2 licensing scheme. 
By joining this initiative we are able to offer UK institutions 
the opportunity to access exciting research in new and important 
areas of the social sciences and humanities. Berg is committed to 
innovation in journal publishing and we look forward to welcoming 
new subscribers to these important journals."

Berg's collection is available in entirety and in a smaller 
flexible package to suit different institutional needs.

About Berg Publishers

Berg <http://www.bergpublishers.com/> is an international 
independent publisher committed to innovative ideas in visual and 
material culture, including fashion and textiles, cultural/media 
studies, film, art and design, food, and anthropology. Berg has 
found that some of the most vibrant intellectual activity is 
happening at the very edge of more traditional disciplines and 
believes in nurturing these creative pockets and bringing their 
very best research to the attention of the broadest possible 
readership. Berg offers a range of book products - from textbooks 
to monographs to reference works - all written to the highest 
standards and creatively published. The journals program has 
significantly expanded in line with books and reflects Berg's 
strengths, which include, but are not limited to, visual culture. 
Berg is also in the process of building an online resource for 
art and fashion libraries.

About JISC Collections

JISC Collections <http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/> was 
established as a mutual trading company by the UK further and 
higher education funding councils in 2006 to negotiate with 
publishers of online information and other owners of digital 
content. The range of resources licensed for use by such 
agreements constitutes a large national collection of online 
resources for education and research. JISC Collections is funded 
by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee).

For more information please contact:

Veruschka Selbach
Sales & Marketing Manager
Email: VSelbach@bergpublishers.com
Tel: +44 1865 245 104
Berg Publishers
1st Floor Angel Court
81 St Clements Street
Oxford OX4 1AW
United Kingdom