License to Publisher

Ann Okerson (
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:02:55 -0400 (EDT)

Here is a license I've used this year to two different publishers.
They both accepted it. One was a U press and the other a scientific
society. If you all use an identical form, it might be easier..



The parties to this Agreement are the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and Ann Okerson, New Haven, CT, regarding a paper and a set of transparencies to appear in the forthcoming proceedings of the XXX conference in April 1998. The XXX book in which this contribution will appear is XXXX.

Assignment of Rights

The Author grants to the Publisher the right to publish the article in all editions and versions of the proceedings above. This grant shall endure for the duration of copyright and apply to editions and versions published in any and all languages throughout the world.

Additionally, the Publisher shall include a notice in the Work saying, "(c) Ann Okerson. Readers of this article may copy it without the copyright owner's permission, if the author and Publisher are acknowledged in the copy and the copy is used for educational, not-for-profit purposes."

Warranty of Authorship

The Author warrants to the Publisher that she is its sole author and that she has full power to make this Agreement. The Author indemnifies the Publisher against any losses and other expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, after final judgment of any claim or action against any or all of these warranties.

Compensation and Copies of the Work

Upon publication of the Work, the Publisher will give the author one free copy of the Work.

Signed by Author (Ann Okerson)


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