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eBook Discussion List

I am a middle school librarian, grades 5-8.  Trying to learn more about
the ebook.  I have visited the Everybook, Inc. Web site and have read
several articles about the advent of the ebook, but have found no
substantial information except at Everybook.

Is there an ebook with an ebook store directed at Middle School age
students?  Is anyone discussing the social ramifications of the coming
ebook?  This may be a silly question for most of you out there, but not
for me.  The ebook may well become an electronic device for downloading
all textbooks and assignments plus some reference sources and pleasure
reading. Hopefully less expensive.  So, I am interested in what social
ramifications may be taking place/on the way ... as well as possible study
methods/habits and possible changes in how we/kids will read, select
information, and use the ebook (as well as the electronic information) as
a supplement to critical thinking, learning...  Hope I haven't run on too
long on my concerns.  Thanks!  John