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RE: Preferred pricing model for journals

David Summers sends the following message:

>From d.summers@lancaster.ac.uk Sat Nov 13 12:01:47 1999
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Subject: RE: Preferred pricing model for journals
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 17:01:42 -0000

My cynical outburst yesterday seems to have struck a chord with other
librarians, although I am puzzled that some contributions were not copied
to the lists.  In answer to the question, "but what do you really really
want ?"...

1. separate pricing by individual title and format.

2. sufficient differential between electronic and print pricing to offer
clear incentives to transfer format, even allowing for VAT factor (where

3. if we absolutely must have packages of titles, they should be bundled
by subject - not publisher - and should permit cancellations of hard-copy.

Above all - to quote David Goodman, Co-Chair of the Electronic Journals
Task Force at Princeton University Library - we need a drastically less
expensive mode of producing the journals in the first place.


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> Subject:	Preferred pricing model for journals
> I have been interested to follow various threads about alternative
> selling/pricing models for electronic journals.  What I would very much like
> to know is whether there is any consensus out there in the marketplace about
> what your true preference is for a selling/pricing model?   I cannot help
> thinking that if publishers get a clear and consistent message about this
> (and, of course, it is commercially feasible!) they are more likely to
> respond than otherwise.  So tell us, please!
> Sally Morris
> Secretary-General, Association of Learned and Professional Society
> Publishers