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RE: Online journal statistics


The amount of usage information MCB University Press provides is
impressive. However, I did not see, in your message or on your Web page,
that your company provides statistics for the individual titles in your
package, other than for the "most requested journals." If I am missing
something, please let us know. One of the ICOLC guidelines is to provide
numbers for "Full text displayed broken down by title, ISSN with title
listed, or other title identifier as appropriate." One of the ways
libraries can use that specific information is to compare the use of the
print version and the electronic version. Aggregated numbers do not always
satisfy our needs.

Donnie Curtis
Director of Research Services
University of Nevada, Reno, Library

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> At MCB University Press we too recognise the importance of usage
> statistics.
> We have been generating usage statistics reports which exceed the ICOLC
> recommendations since January 1999. If anyone would like further
> information
> on the basic information we provide they can go to:

This provides an outline to our brief usage statistics reports available
to members of a library/consortia for their institution. We provide
additional information such as:

	Total number of overall hits
	Average hits per day
	Total number of user sessions
	Average length of user sessions
	Top journals accessed
	Top articles accessed
	Most requested pages
	Least requested pages
	Top entry pages
	Top referring sites
	Top browsers
	Top platforms
	Search function activity
	Activity level by week day
	Activity level by hour

These additional reports are available on request. If you need any further
information on the format, availability or type of statistics that we
provide please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Dominic Martinez
MCB Customer Support Services Manager
tel: +44 01274 785139
fax: +44 01274 785204

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