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Re: Online journal statistcis

Dear liblicense-l readers:  

Re: the msg below, Library Journal published a cover story about
electronic usage in its Oct. 1 issue. In that article LJ provides a
progress report about various initiatives underway, including the
McClure/Bertot study funded by IMLS, due to wrap up in May 2000.

It's a useful and proactive piece -- find and read.

Sincerely, Ann Okerson

> >>> <mercerl@msnotes.wustl.edu> 10/29/99 06:01PM >>>
> Have any of you been talking with vendors (Wiley, Springer, Elsevier,
> CatchWord, Synergy, to name a few), and/or publishers (Cambridge, Oxford,
> Stockton, etc.) about supplying your libraries with statistics for online
> journal hits? We have begun this process, but if any of you have had
> successes or failures you'd like to share, we'd be most interested in
> sharing ours. Many thanks,
> Linda Mercer
> Associate Director,
> Digital Communications and Resources
> Bernard Becker Library
> Washington University School of Medicine
> St. Louis, MO
> mercerl@msntoes.wustl.edu=20
> 314.362.4731