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Re: Online journal statistics

Margaret Landesman sends the following message:
>From mlandesm@library.utah.edu Mon Nov  1 19:35:12 1999
From: "MARGARET LANDESMAN" <mlandesm@library.utah.edu>
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Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 17:42:16 MST7MDT
Subject: Re: Online journal statistcis

You might also look at the paper the International Coalitian of LIbrary
Consortia (ICOLC) has on its web page titled "Guidelines for Statistical
Measure of Usage of Web-based Indexed, Abstracted, and Full Text

There does seem to be considerable agreement that if we are looking for a
model, JSTOR is doing this right.

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>>> <mercerl@msnotes.wustl.edu> 10/29/99 06:01PM >>>

Have any of you been talking with vendors (Wiley, Springer, Elsevier,
CatchWord, Synergy, to name a few), and/or publishers (Cambridge, Oxford,
Stockton, etc.) about supplying your libraries with statistics for online
journal hits? We have begun this process, but if any of you have had
successes or failures you'd like to share, we'd be most interested in
sharing ours. Many thanks,

Linda Mercer
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