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RE: Online journal statistics

At Blackwell Science and Munksgaard we recognise the importance of sharing
usage data with libraries.  We are currently developing a usage reporting
system for our full-text online journal service - Synergy.  Institutions
will be able to remotely download usage data for their sites which goes
beyond the minimum standards laid down in the ICOLC usage guidelines.  We
would like to hear from any librarians that would be willing to act as
beta testers, helping us to roll this out in early 2000.

David Sommer

Sales and Marketing Manager Online Products
Blackwell Science

Full Text Online Journals from Blackwell Science and Munksgaard:
http://www.blackwell-synergy.com or

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> Have any of you been talking with vendors (Wiley, Springer, Elsevier,
> CatchWord, Synergy, to name a few), and/or publishers (Cambridge, Oxford,
> Stockton, etc.) about supplying your libraries with statistics for online
> journal hits? We have begun this process, but if any of you have had
> successes or failures you'd like to share, we'd be most interested in
> sharing ours. Many thanks,
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