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Re: remote authentication

I would second the suggestion of Cliff Lynch and add Ira Fuchs, Vice
President for Computing and Information Technology at Princeton.  He also
serves (served?) as Chief Scientist to JSTOR. I found his presentation to
JSTOR a year or so ago, "Remote Authentication and Authorization for
JSTOR," informative and stimulating.  It is at:

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>Ruth Dukelow - Michigan Library Consortium wrote:
>> MLC is putting together a program for spring 2000 on remote patron
>> authentication. Does anyone on this list have recommendations for good
>> speakers on this topic?  I'm looking for vendor speakers, as well as
>> librarians or statewide coordinators who have handled the remote access
>> issue successfully.  I'm also interested in speakers who can address
>> alternatives to remote authentication.  Thanks for your help! Ruth
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