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Nature's Access Restrictions

The following is apparently a description of what one university has had
to do to allow user access to the full-text online version of Nature. Has
anybody had any experience with this complex and restrictive policy yet?  
It seems very cumbersome, but I suppose that any access is better than
none, which is our current situation. At least access is given to users
from their office or laboratory, unlike Science's policy, which restricts
access to a single work station IP address within the library but doesn't
require a password.  A mix of the two policies, access within the library
by IP address and access by those outside by password, would seem more
reasonable and manageable.  Our one Science station is only occasionally
used, so I doubt that the other restrictions will be that onerous.  Most
people are satisfied to have access to the paper version, except when an
issue is missing or when they need an article in the latest issue that
hasn't arrived yet in the library.


In order for XXX Libraries to be given the right to provide full text 
access to Nature  online, the publisher specifies these restrictions:

1.      Only one simultaneous user is permitted.
2.      A 10-minute waiting period is set between uses.
3.      A password is required and will only be given to current UX 
faculty, staff and students.  You may obtain a password by calling or 
visiting any Libraries' service  desk.  You must supply the service desk 
with your library number and we will verify that you are an approved user.
4.      The passwords are frequently changed and you must not share them 
with others.

With the password, you may access the web site at:  http://www.nature.com

The publishers of Nature have established these restricted use policies, 
and only they have power to alter these restrictions. Please address your 
comments on these restrictions to the Nature staff at: