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Elsevier's Excellent New Archiving Policy

Elsevier's current contractual provision for archiving Elsevier electronic
journals includes the language:

>[Elsevier Scientific] understands that the permanent availability of
these archival files is of critical concern to its customers. Therefore,
it makes the commitment that, in the unlikely event that neither it nor
[Science Direct] can assume the responsibility for maintaining the
archive, it will transfer the archive to one or more depositories mutually
acceptable to [Elsevier Scienctific] and an independent board of library

In my opinion, this is a reasonable solution to the potential questions
that have been raised about having permanent archival reponsibility in a
single commercial organization.

David Goodman 
Biology Librarian, and
Co-Chair, Electronic Journals Task Force
Princeton University Library 
dgoodman@princeton.edu         http://www.princeton.edu/~biolib/
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