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RE: pricing questions

I am not sure how much this will addd to the discussion about Brain
Research, but I recently set out to find out what the average cost of
review and editing a journal article costs. Although I could not find a
exact answer, some interesting and shocking figures did emerge. The
American Economic Association publishes the costs for each of their
journal each year. I computed the costs for the American Economic Review
for 1997. In that year, they had 976 submissions and published 66 articles
for a total of 1068 pages. (This page number did include the publication
of their annual proceedings) The total cost was $1,115,000 to publish the
journal. At these costs, I figured it cost about $652.76 per page or
$10,562 per article to publish the 66 articles. Now these figures are not
exact because of their uncluding the proceedings, but maybe Brain Research
is not all that expensive. And AEA is a not-for-profit publisher.

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