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RE: Article based subscription

I have also found that there is a great deal of serendipity that results
from online searching. I often find articles in journals I would never
have thought to consult in the paper format.

Bernie Sloan

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This reminds me of the laments for the card catalog, in which one could
browse and find things serendipitously adjacent to each other.  It is a
value, but is counterbalanced by the ease of finding disparate items
through powerful search capabilities.  The interest in powerful search
will here too, I think, supersede the serendipity value of finding
articles by accident in journals--especially since the articles are often
not really very related to each other.  This is not to say that posting of
contents pages, highlights, bibliographies is not worth while.  --pg

Lloyd Davidson wrote [i.a.]:

> Such a policy would also inhibit serendipity and the casual scanning of
> articles that most researchers find invaluable. Indeed, having a journal
> in hand to thumb through is of real value, especially those specific to
> your field of interest.  Database searches are simply not an adequate
> alternative for browsing.

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