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Turpion license terms to the print version subscribers

We continue to accommodate the needs of the library community for online
service. We were trying to set out the terms in the license by a simple
way to meet the interests of end-users. Please have a look at "Terms and
Conditions for use of Turpion Electronic Journals"
(http://www.turpion.org/new/main/ft.html). I would very appreciate any
comments from the participants of this discussion list.

>From the 1997 volumes we started a full text online service with an
advanced search functionality without extra charge to subscribers to the
print journal. The Turpion mirror Web site in the USA
(http://www.turpion.org) guarantees a quick and reliable search across our
database and further access to full text articles. The patrons of a
library all over the world may have free access to all full text articles,
including back volumes, via specified IP ranges in the registration form,
without password control. We are pleased to confirm that we will continue
with this policy for the foreseeable future.

Turpion Limited is a company established by the Royal Society of Chemistry
in association with Pion Ltd, a publishing house involved with the Royal
Society of Chemistry for over thirty years. The intention of this company
Turpion Limited is to produce high-quality English translations of leading
Russian journals in physics, mathematics and chemistry promptly and,
further, to produce new concepts for Russian scientific publishing. This
have been achieved over the past several years by an effective cooperation
between the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of Chemistry,
the London Mathematical Society, and Turpion Limited.

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