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Re: Elsevier journals online

I too have been extremely frustrated with the process for registration 
with this publisher. They are trying to respond to our concerns, but 
it has been slow-going. We have been trying to set up access to 
ECONbase for almost 5 months. We are now stalled on a single sentence 
in a license you must "click" on in order to go any further in the 
process. It has been extremely difficult to get anyone to address our 
questions, although every time I see Elsevier people at conferences 
they are quick to try to help. Thanks for that!
I would like to encourage Elsevier to revamp their access arrangements
and try to be consistent throughout the vastness of their company. I 
realize this is a huge challenge, but it would be most helpful. I 
would be interested in hearing what other problems people have been 
having with various publishers' creative ways of setting up 
access. Our systems people are tearing their hair out with all the 

And I also would like to add that the announcement from John Cox about 
standardized licenses couldn't come quickly enough! 

Thank you,
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