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Re: CD-ROM backups (revisited?)

Not quite sure whether there's a difference between 'archive copy' and
'backup copy'. Our current conditions issued with CD-ROM products read
something like this:

"An archive copy of the product may be made where libraries have this
facility, on condition that the copy is for archiving purposes only and is
not used or circulated within or beyond the library where the copy is

In practice, if evidence were provided that a CD-ROM had actually worn
out, I am sure we would look kindly on individual requests for archive
copies to be converted into replacement circulating copies.

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--On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 5:35 pm +0000 "Kenneth R Irwin"
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> Hello folks,
> I'm new to this list and I hope this is actually on topic: a brief
> discussion of the subject appears in the archives from ca. 1996.
> Do many products' licenses allow libraries to make backup copies of
> circulating CD-ROM materials? Our library is just beginning to deal with
> the issues surrounding circulating CD-ROMs and our director is interested
> in pursuing such backups if they are legal.
> I'm sure providers would be none to keen on having us replace *lost*
> (read: stolen, in most cases) CDs with backups, but what about replacing
> damaged CDs. Some get pretty beat up and unusable in circulating.
> Any thoughts? (If making such backups is largely illegal -- or even if
> it's not-- I'd be interested in hearing (off list, as it's certainly
> off-topic) about other libraries' strategies for protecting the discs
> harm.
> Thanks,
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