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Project Muse News

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Subject: Library Journal Academic News Wire: June 24, 1999

Library Journal's Academic Newswire(TM)
The Book Report for June 24, 1999

In This Issue

I. PUBLISHING NEWS: Reports from academic publishing
--B&T buys Yankee Book Peddler, forms library services unit
--Project MUSE to offer journals from other university 
--News and Comment from the AAUP Annual Meeting
	--Strategic plan seeks broader involvement
	--Notes on Austin
	--Ambivalence about SPARC
	--Copyright still hot
	--The new AAUP.net 
	--University Press publishing stats

II. PREPUB ALERT: A preview of forthcoming books 
--A historical view of killing
--A Bold look at the WPA's Federal Writers Project
--Mosse confronts history...personally



Project Muse, the online journals database managed by Johns Hopkins
University Press, announced yesterday that they will offer online access
to scholarly journals published by other university presses beginning with
the subscription year 2000.  Agreements with four university presses,
Duke, Indiana, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Hawaii will double
the number of journals currently available from Project Muse to 91 from
46, with continuing discussions possibly leading to as many as 21
additional journals being added to the service by the year 2000. Project
Muse currently serves more than 650 institutions.

The groundbreaking expansion was prompted by customer demand according to
Melanie Vandermark, marketing manager for online products for the Johns
Hopkins University Press.  "Our current susbscribers had asked for more
content and content from other presses, particularly in the humanities and
social sciences," says Vandermark, adding that the goal of the expansion
was to "provide our subsribers with the broadest content possible."  
Subscribers to Project Muse will be able to choose the entire package of
91 journals, or clusters of journals by discipline or publisher, with
different price tiers attached to each.


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